A Place for All Pillars

Pillars Club membership represents the opportunity to relax in luxury and network within our exclusive private community.

We Are Pillars

Pillars are the foundation of anything: a building, a home, even the community. We celebrate these everyday heroes at pillars: Women and men working to make a difference in their communities.

We are a members-only social club. But we are very different. Where most clubs base their membership on status or wealth, we are only concerned with one thing: our members making a difference in the world around them.

We invite all pillars to become members.

Are You a Pillar?

A member of the Pillars community should uphold our ideals: Making their community a better place. This can be done through your work for-hire, volunteer work, social activism or even your hobbies. 

Members are selected via application process. We place importance and give preference on those who can demonstrate their commitment to the community within their application.

Member Benefits

Pillars offers two memberships to our exclusive social club and cigar lounge: individual and corporate, which includes annual memberships for up to four people.

Members enjoy access to many of our social club’s amenities, including a smoking jacket, access to all Pillars’ locations, their own personalized cigar humidor locker, and more.

Pillars in the News

We’ve been covered by most major news outlets in Jacksonville. Enjoy the latest news about The Pillars Club.

Become a Pillar